10 Women of Mystery

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ISBN : 9780879721732
Author : Earl F. Bargainnier
Publisher : Popular Press
Number of pages : 304 pages
This volume, which examines the special contributions of a number of women mystery writers, sheds light on this significant example of common interests in recreational reading among women and men
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Great Women Mystery Writers

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ISBN : 9780313334283
Author : Elizabeth Blakesley Lindsay
Publisher : Greenwood Publishing Group
Number of pages : 335 pages
Surveys the lives and works of some 90 contemporary women mystery writers, who are among the most popular authors read today.
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British Women Mystery Writers

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ISBN : 9780786483617
Author : Mary Hadley
Publisher : McFarland
Number of pages : 208 pages
Many aspects of British detective fiction are intriguingly different from the American detective fiction. And, confusingly, many of the British women detectives who have made it to American television are
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The Mystery of Woman

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ISBN : 1780993609
Author : Gabriel Morris
Publisher : John Hunt Publishing
Number of pages : 249 pages
The Mystery of Woman is a dynamic, groundbreaking and deeply thought-provoking book that compiles the perspectives of more than 30 different authors, men and women. It tackles everything under the sun
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And then there were nine-- more women of mystery

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Author : Jane S. Bakerman
Publisher : Popular Press
Number of pages : 219 pages

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The Woman in Cabin 10

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ISBN : 1784706116
Author : Ruth Ware
Publisher : Random House
Number of pages : 352 pages
THE TOP TEN BESTSELLER From the bestselling author of Richard and Judy pick In A Dark, Dark Wood comes Ruth Ware's next compulsive page-turner 'A rollicking page-turner that reads like
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10th Anniversary

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ISBN : 0316126942
Author : James Patterson,Maxine Paetro
Publisher : Hachette UK
Number of pages : 300 pages
For every secret Detective Lindsay Boxer's long-awaited wedding celebration becomes a distant memory when she is called to investigate a horrendous crime: a badly injured teenage girl is left for
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Woman’s Mystery

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ISBN : 1482824698
Author : Milada De Wet
Publisher : Partridge Africa
Number of pages : 148 pages
“Woman’s Mystery” is a book about the ancient knowledge loss. It includes the long time forgotten doctrine of Russian Vedi. The Slavic Vedi were the powerful diviners, predictors, teachers
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The Physiological Enigma of Woman

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ISBN : 9780787312145
Author : Raymond W. Bernard
Publisher : Health Research Books
Number of pages : 159 pages
With especial design to develop the true idea of disease, its nature, immediate occasion, and general remedy. Contents: Introduction; Physiology; General Pathology; Special Pathology; the Special Reasons for Rejecting Heteropathy
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The Mystery of God's Woman and Her Seed

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ISBN : 9781465317704
Author : Rev. Stanley Curby
Publisher : Xlibris Corporation
Number of pages : 192 pages
This book demonstrates, through the full text of the scriptures, that women have the same God-given rights as men to preach, teach, and serve in the same offices of the
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