Changing Lives: Gustavo Dudamel, El Sistema, and the Transformative Power of Music

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ISBN : 0393078965
Author : Tricia Tunstall
Publisher : W. W. Norton & Company
Number of pages : 298 pages
Reveals the effect that education can have on positive social change by examining the life of a conductor of the Los Angeles Philharmonic and the unique program that nurtured his
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Changing Lives

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ISBN : 9781558611092
Author : Committee on Women's Studies in Asia
Publisher : Feminist Press at CUNY
Number of pages : 225 pages
Thirteen women's studies pioneers from eleven Asian countries narrate their individual passages into feminist consciousness and the monumental effect of women's studies on their private and professional lives. Each woman's
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Changing Lives

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ISBN : 9789774247019
Author : Jill Edwards
Publisher : American Univ in Cairo Press
Number of pages : 286 pages
Through extensive illustrations, archaeological reconstructions, and up-to-date texts, this companion volume to The Treasures of the Egyptian Museum presents an in-depth consideration of the entire complex of funerary monuments on
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Changing Lives

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ISBN : 1550022393
Author : Margaret Kechnie,Marge Reitsma-Street
Publisher : Dundurn
Number of pages : 362 pages
An examination of the lives of women who influenced, and were influenced by, northern Ontario.
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Changing Lives, Changing Drug Journeys

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ISBN : 1136255273
Author : Lisa Williams
Publisher : Routledge
Number of pages : 208 pages
This book describes how a group of young people make decisions about drug taking. It charts the decision making process of recreational drug takers and non-drug takers as they mature
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Changing Lives

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Author : Bonnie G. Smith
Publisher : D.C. Heath
Number of pages : 560 pages

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Changing Lives

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ISBN : 9780226307237
Author : Peter W. Greenwood
Publisher : University of Chicago Press
Number of pages : 200 pages
One of the most astonishing aspects of juvenile crime is how little is known about the impact of the policies and programs put in place to fight it. The most
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Women and Employment

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ISBN : 1848442939
Author : Jacqueline L. Scott,Shirley Dex,Heather Joshi
Publisher : Edward Elgar Publishing
Number of pages : 400 pages
An informative and important volume. Johanna Kumlin, European Sociological Review This collection further contributes to our awareness of the complicated intersection of work and family life for women and men
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Housing First

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ISBN : 019998980X
Author : Deborah Padgett,Sam J. Tsemberis
Publisher : Oxford University Press, USA
Number of pages : 248 pages
This book is the first to chronicle the story of Housing First (HF), a paradigm-shifting evidence-based approach to ending homelessness that began in New York City in 1992 and rapidly spread
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Changing Britain, Changing Lives

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ISBN : 9780854736508
Author : Elsa Ferri,John Bynner,Michael Wadsworth
Publisher : Inst of Education
Number of pages : 344 pages
This book provides a unique insight into social change in Britain in the second half of the twentieth century. It draws on three internationally renowned British birth cohort studies, based
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