Steal this Computer Book 3

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ISBN : 9781593270001
Author : Wally Wang
Publisher :
Number of pages : 359 pages
Describes how computer viruses are created and spread, and discusses computer harassment, online con artists, protecting data with encryption, and general computer security issues.
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ISBN : 0735638721
Author : Charles Petzold
Publisher : Microsoft Press
Number of pages : 400 pages
What do flashlights, the British invasion, black cats, and seesaws have to do with computers? In CODE, they show us the ingenious ways we manipulate language and invent new means
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The Computer

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ISBN : 9780736822152
Author : Gayle Worland
Publisher : Capstone
Number of pages : 32 pages
Traces the development of computers from the earliest calculating machines to the devices we use today.
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Milestones in Computer Science and Information Technology

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ISBN : 9781573565219
Author : Edwin D. Reilly
Publisher : Greenwood Publishing Group
Number of pages : 380 pages
Contains over 650 entries detailing the evolution of computing, including companies, machines, developments, inventions, parts, languages, and theories.
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The Computer in Reading and Language Arts

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ISBN : 9780866566674
Author : Jay S. Blanchard
Publisher : Psychology Press
Number of pages : 132 pages

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The Computer Boys Take Over

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ISBN : 0262302829
Author : Nathan L. Ensmenger
Publisher : MIT Press
Number of pages : 336 pages
This is a book about the computer revolution of the mid-twentieth century and the people who made it possible. Unlike most histories of computing, it is not a book about
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ISBN : 1405365102
Author : Dr. Mike Goldsmith,Tom Jackson
Publisher : Dorling Kindersley Ltd
Number of pages : 72 pages
DK Eyewitness Computer is a brand new topic for this bestselling reference series, covering one of technologies major inventions. Amazing photographs offer a unique "eyewitness" view to the history and
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Dictionary of Computer Science, Engineering and Technology

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ISBN : 9780849326912
Author : Philip A. Laplante
Publisher : CRC Press
Number of pages : 560 pages
A complete lexicon of technical information, the Dictionary of Computer Science, Engineering, and Technology provides workable definitions, practical information, and enhances general computer science and engineering literacy. It spans various
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Computers and Society

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ISBN : 9781871516418
Author : Colin Beardon,Diane Whitehouse
Publisher : Intellect Books
Number of pages : 163 pages
An integration of research into technological and social aspects of computer technology that is relevant and accessible to the individual citizen. Computers and Society discusses common societal objectives and gives
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Computer Science

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ISBN : 9780826454607
Author : Carl French
Publisher : Cengage Learning EMEA
Number of pages : 512 pages
'An excellent course text around which to base lectures.' 'Well structured, not too complicated, breaks down topics into easily assimilated components.' 'The most comprehensive around ...' Lecturers This
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