Computers and Society

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ISBN : 9781871516418
Author : Colin Beardon,Diane Whitehouse
Publisher : Intellect Books
Number of pages : 163 pages
An integration of research into technological and social aspects of computer technology that is relevant and accessible to the individual citizen. Computers and Society discusses common societal objectives and gives
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Computers and Society

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ISBN : 1439885567
Author : Lisa C. Kaczmarczyk
Publisher : CRC Press
Number of pages : 305 pages
Since computer scientists make decisions every day that have societal context and influence, an understanding of society and computing together should be integrated into computer science education. Showing students what
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Computers and Society

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Author : George A. Nikolaieff
Publisher : H. W. Wilson
Number of pages : 226 pages

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Computers and society--impact!

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ISBN : 9780075578123
Author : David O. Arnold
Publisher : Mitchell/McGraw-Hill
Number of pages : 468 pages

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Child Pornography

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ISBN : 1135846359
Author : Ian O'Donnell,Claire Milner
Publisher : Routledge
Number of pages : 240 pages
This book explores the enduring appeal of child pornography and its ramifications for criminal justice systems around the world. It is based on an extensive review of academic literature and
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Computers and Society with BASIC and Pascal

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Author : Michael A. Gallo,Robert B. Nenno
Publisher : Prindle Weber & Schmidt
Number of pages : 673 pages

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Computers and Society

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ISBN : 9781565105638
Author : Paul A. Winters
Publisher : Greenhaven Press, Incorporated
Number of pages : 173 pages
A collection of articles offers different points of view on such computer-related topics as privacy and encryption, censorship, access, and the effects of technology on education and on society
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Computers and society

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Author : Robert Teague,Clint Erickson
Publisher :
Number of pages : 374 pages

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Computers and Society

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Author : Richard Wesley Hamming
Publisher : New York : McGraw-Hill
Number of pages : 284 pages

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Computers and Society

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Author : Stanley Rothman,Charles Mosmann
Publisher : Sra
Number of pages : 423 pages

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