Fighting to Learn

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ISBN : 9780813525259
Author : John L. Hammond
Publisher : Rutgers University Press
Number of pages : 253 pages
Popular education played a vital role in the twelve-year guerrilla war against the Salvadoran government. Fighting to Learn is a study of its pedagogy and politics. Inspired by Paulo Freire's
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How to Solve All Your Problems

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ISBN : 1412071623
Author : Jon Hartling
Publisher : Trafford Publishing
Number of pages : 211 pages
Audacious? Maybe. Improbable? Probably. Useful? Definitely! Pick up How to Solve All Your Problems, and let this slick little book change your life.
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Fight for the Forgotten

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ISBN : 1476765588
Author : Justin Wren
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
Number of pages : 288 pages
From notable mixed martial artist and UFC fighter, Justin Wren, comes a personal account of faith, redemption, empowerment, and overwhelming love as one man sets out on an international mission
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Fighting to Lose

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ISBN : 1459719603
Author : John Bryden
Publisher : Dundurn
Number of pages : 392 pages
Newly released FBI and MI5 documents provide a fresh interpretation of key events during World War II, showing how German military intelligence, which was secretly opposed to the Nazis, aided
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Fighting to Serve

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ISBN : 1613743750
Author : Alexander Nicholson
Publisher : Chicago Review Press
Number of pages : 288 pages
Discharged in 2002 from the US Army under the provisions of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," Alexander Nicholson was shocked to learn there was no group advocating DADT's repeal that was reaching
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Fighting to Finish

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ISBN : 059530673X
Author : Richardson Otis Allen
Publisher : iUniverse
Number of pages : 204 pages
The pressure to drop out of adult literacy programs can be extreme for many learners, especially minority learners, trying to cope with personal, family, financial, and health problems. When learners
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Fighting to the Finish

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ISBN : 1490827013
Author : Dario Chongolo
Publisher : WestBow Press
Number of pages : 102 pages
The relentless pursuit of your dreams; watching out for things that may cut it short and finding the strength to endure those seasons when your dreams and your reality contradict.
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The Fight to Vote

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ISBN : 1501116509
Author : Michael Waldman
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
Number of pages : 384 pages
“An important new book” (The Washington Post) on the long struggle to win voting rights for all citizens by the author of The Second Amendment: A Biography and president of
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ISBN : 9780230618565
Author : Michael Signer
Publisher : St. Martin's Press
Number of pages : 272 pages
A demagogue is a tyrant who owes his initial rise to the democratic support of the masses. Huey Long, Hugo Chavez, and Moqtada al-Sadr are all clear examples of this
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Learning to Forget

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ISBN : 0804786429
Author : David Fitzgerald
Publisher : Stanford University Press
Number of pages : 304 pages
Learning to Forget analyzes the evolution of US counterinsurgency (COIN) doctrine over the last five decades. Beginning with an extensive section on the lessons of Vietnam, it traces the decline
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