Ice Ages

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ISBN : 9780674440753
Author : John Imbrie,Katherine Palmer Imbrie
Publisher : Harvard University Press
Number of pages : 224 pages
This book tells the exciting story of the ice ages--what they were like, why they occurred, and when the next one is due. The solution to the ice age mystery
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Little Ice Ages

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ISBN : 9780415334235
Author : Jean M. Grove
Publisher : Taylor & Francis
Number of pages : 718 pages

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Ice Ages and Astronomical Causes

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ISBN : 9783540437796
Author : Richard A. Muller,Gordon J. MacDonald
Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
Number of pages : 318 pages
It is not possible to understand the present or future climate unless scientists can account for the enormous and rapid cycles of glaciation that have taken place over the last
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Ice Ages and Interglacials

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ISBN : 3642300294
Author : Donald RAPP
Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
Number of pages : 406 pages
The second edition of this book has been completely updated. It studies the history and gives an analysis of extreme climate change on Earth. In order to provide a long-term
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The Ice Age

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ISBN : 0199580693
Author : Jamie Woodward
Publisher : Oxford University Press
Number of pages : 163 pages
"In an era of warming climate, the study of the ice age past is now more important than ever. This book examines the wonders of the Quaternary ice age -
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Global Warming Cycles

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ISBN : 0816072620
Author : Julie Kerr Casper
Publisher : Infobase Publishing
Number of pages : 212 pages
Discusses how human-related activities are contributing to the warming of the Earth, describes the effects of climate change on people and the environment, and outlines measures that can be taken
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Ice Age

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ISBN : 9780141007304
Author : John R. Gribbin,Mary Gribbin
Publisher :
Number of pages : 104 pages
On 24 June 1837, Louis Agassiz stunned the learned members of the Swiss Society of Natural Sciences by addressing them, in his role as President, not with an anticipated lecture on fossil
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Discovering the Ice Ages

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ISBN : 9004241701
Author : Tobias Krüger
Publisher : BRILL
Number of pages : 556 pages
In Discovering the Ice Ages Tobias Krüger explores the discovery of the Ice Ages over the course of the 19th century, how the idea was received, and what further
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Ice Ages

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ISBN : 9781155452739
Author : Books, LLC
Publisher : Books LLC, Wiki Series
Number of pages : 136 pages
Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Pages: 42. Chapters: Ice age, Snowball Earth, Last glacial period, Milankovitch
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Frozen Earth

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ISBN : 0520954947
Author : Doug Macdougall
Publisher : Univ of California Press
Number of pages : 278 pages
In this engrossing and accessible book, Doug Macdougall explores the causes and effects of ice ages that have gripped our planet throughout its history, from the earliest known glaciation—nearly
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