Magic Mushrooms in Religion and Alchemy

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ISBN : 9780892819973
Author : Clark Heinrich
Publisher : Inner Traditions / Bear & Co
Number of pages : 256 pages
An illustrated foray into the hidden truth about the use of psychoactive mushrooms to connect with the divine. • Draws parallels between Vedic beliefs and Judeo-Christian sects, showing the existence of
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Mushrooms, Myth and Mithras

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ISBN : 0872864707
Author : Carl Ruck
Publisher : City Lights Publishers
Number of pages : 300 pages
A fascinating tour of the mushroom-centered mystery religions which have profoundly influenced Western civilization
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The Psychedelic Gospels

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ISBN : 1620555034
Author : Jerry B. Brown,Julie M. Brown
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
Number of pages : 288 pages
Reveals evidence of visionary plants in Christianity and the life of Jesus found in medieval art and biblical scripture--hidden in plain sight for centuries • Follows the authors’ anthropological adventure discovering
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Entheogens and the Future of Religion

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ISBN : 1594777977
Author : Robert Forte
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
Number of pages : 256 pages
A study of the importance of psychedelic plants and drugs in religion and society • With contributions by Albert Hofmann, R. Gordon Wasson, Jack Kornfield, Terence McKenna, the Shulgins, Rick Strassman,
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The Mushroom in Christian Art

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ISBN : 9781556439605
Author : John A. Rush,Martin W. Ball
Publisher :
Number of pages : 385 pages
"The Mushroom in Christian Art analyzes the prevalence of certain themes--particularly the mushroom--in Christian art and explains how these images led to the construction of Christianity and the Catholic Church"
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Animals and Psychedelics

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ISBN : 1594775958
Author : Giorgio Samorini
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
Number of pages : 112 pages
An Italian ethnobotanist explores the remarkable propensity of wild animals to seek out and use psychoactive substances. • Throws out behaviorist theories that claim animals have no consciousness. • Offers a completely
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Alchemically Stoned - The Psychedelic Secret of Freemasonry

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ISBN : 0578194007
Author : P.D. Newman
Publisher :
Number of pages : 329 pages
P.D. Newman's bold and daring theory provides a radical interpretation of Masonic symbolism. In the tradition of Wasson, Hofmann and Ruck, in ""The Road to Eleusis: Unveiling the Secret
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The Apples of Apollo

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Author : Carl A. P. Ruck
Publisher :
Number of pages : 272 pages

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Mushrooms and Mankind

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ISBN : 9781585091515
Author : James Arthur
Publisher : Book Tree
Number of pages : 103 pages
For thousands of years on our planet, humanity has been involved in a symbiotic relationship with plants. Not only have plants supplied mankind with a never-ending food source, the necessary
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ISBN : 9780892817313
Author : David Spess
Publisher : Inner Traditions / Bear & Co
Number of pages : 198 pages
Shrouded in mystery for centuries, Soma is simultaneously a sacred hallucinogenic plant, a personified God, and a cosmological principle. With the renewed interest in the ritual use of psychoactive substances,
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