Melted by the Dragon

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ISBN : 9781517173388
Author : Amira Rain
Publisher : CreateSpace
Number of pages : 252 pages
In a future world that is ruled by dragon shifters, fertile women are scarce. They are so scarce that women capable of having children are now often cryogenically frozen for
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ISBN : 9781523766499
Author : Amira Rain
Publisher : Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Number of pages : 632 pages
Own EVERY book from the bestselling paranormal shapeshifter romance series, "MELTED" and all for one low, low price! Every book in the series has been a top #10 bestseller on Amazon.
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The Dragon Princess

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ISBN : 1408829517
Author : E. D. Baker
Publisher : A&C Black
Number of pages : 736 pages
The Dragon Princess: Being a princess in a magical kingdom isn't easy. Especially if your best friends are a vampire, a troll and a wizard. And if you happen to
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The Drastic Dragon of Draco, Texas

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ISBN : 145244997X
Author : Elizabeth Ann Scarborough
Publisher : Gypsy Shadow Publishing
Number of pages : 231 pages
Determined to become an author of western penny dreadful novels like her idol, Ned Buntline, a young San Francisco newspaper editor christens herself Valentine Lovelace (after a floozie acquaintance of
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ISBN : 9781468577365
Author : GR Bobbitt; Judy Williams
Publisher : AuthorHouse
Number of pages : 154 pages
Dragon Ice is a part of real life with a twist from the past and we hope it will interest the young as well as the older folks. When you
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The Ice Dragon

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ISBN : 0008118868
Author : George R.R. Martin
Publisher : HarperCollins UK
Number of pages : 128 pages
An enchanting tale of courage and sacrifice for young readers and adults by the wildly popular George R.R. Martin, author of A Song of Ice and Fire, the series
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Charlie and the Ice Dragon

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ISBN : 147722288X
Author : Gary R.J. Hopkins
Publisher : AuthorHouse
Number of pages : 152 pages
Charlie Travis was a ten-year-old boy who lived with his mother. Each night he dreamt of being a great and bold knight and leading the king’s army into battle.
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Dragon Slaying for Kids

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ISBN : 1512721409
Author : Grace M. M. Jaeger
Publisher : WestBow Press
Number of pages : 62 pages
Thirteen dragons. Thirteen weapons. One God. And one you. Do dragons and devotionals have anything in common? Can fighting sin be more than the drudgery that makes you want to
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The Rise of the Dragon Cluna

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ISBN : 1257778803
Author : Daniel Wilks
Publisher :
Number of pages : 329 pages

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Secret of the Dragon's Breath

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ISBN : 0595601944
Author : Derek Hart
Publisher : iUniverse
Number of pages : 262 pages
Secret of the Dragon's Breath continues the adventures of Gavin Kane, Emily Scott, and Bunty Digby, thirteen-year-olds who continue to struggle with their daily lives, during the spring of 1941. While
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