Mystery, Violence, and Popular Culture

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ISBN : 9780299196349
Author : John G. Cawelti
Publisher : Popular Press
Number of pages : 410 pages
Mystery, Violence, and Popular Culture is John G. Cawelti’s discussion of American popular culture and violence, from its precursors in Homer and Shakespeare to the Lone Ranger and Superman.
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Adventure, Mystery, and Romance

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ISBN : 9780226098678
Author : John G. Cawelti
Publisher : University of Chicago Press
Number of pages : 344 pages
A study of the popular plot formulas, and chief practitioners, of the detective and crime story, western, and social melodrama, assessing their artistic and cultural significance
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Western Crime Fiction Goes East

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ISBN : 9004233105
Author : Boris Dralyuk
Publisher : BRILL
Number of pages : 196 pages
This volume examines the staggering popularity of early-20th-century Russian detective serials, traditionally maligned as 'Pinkertonovshchina,' and posits the 'red Pinkerton' as a vital 'missing link' between pre- and
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ISBN : 9780801474033
Author : Eliot Borenstein
Publisher : Cornell University Press
Number of pages : 265 pages
Borenstein argues that the popular cultural products consumed in the post-perestroika era were more than just diversions; they allowed Russians to indulge their despair over economic woes and everyday threats.
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ISBN : 9780814209493
Author : Elana Gomel
Publisher : Ohio State University Press
Number of pages : 234 pages
We live in an increasingly violent world. From suicide terrorists to serial killers, violent subjects challenge our imaginations. We seek answers to our questions on this subject in literature, cinema,
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Violence and Mediation in Contemporary Culture

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ISBN : 9780791427200
Author : Ronald Bogue,Marcel Cornis-Pope,Marcel Pop-Corni?
Publisher : SUNY Press
Number of pages : 207 pages
This collection of essays addresses two major issues of contemporary culture: the problem of violence in relation to notions of "difference" and power; and the role of mediation in making
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Popular Culture, Crime, and Justice

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Author : Frankie Y. Bailey
Publisher : International Thomson Publishing Services
Number of pages : 264 pages
Popular Culture, Crime, And Justice closely examines how the criminal justice system is presented in the mass media from a variety of perspectives and, along the way, helps us to
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The Gothic World of Anne Rice

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ISBN : 9780879727086
Author : Gary Hoppenstand,Ray Broadus Browne
Publisher : Popular Press
Number of pages : 261 pages
This anthology argues for the serious study of the literary oeuvre of Anne Rice, a major figure in today’s popular literature. The essays assert that Rice expands the conventions
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A Violent Conscience

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ISBN : 0786455586
Author : Leonard Engel
Publisher : McFarland
Number of pages : 224 pages
Mysteries and detective stories are among the most popular of books but the writers of such genre fiction suffer from a perception that their work is to be taken less
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Resisting Arrest

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ISBN : 9781590512418
Author : Robert A. Rushing
Publisher : Other PressLlc
Number of pages : 191 pages
Looks at the detective genre in its many different cultural manifestations, from popular fiction to high literature, from art films to popular television series, and finds that the genre is
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