Native America, Discovered and Conquered

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ISBN : 9780275990114
Author : Robert J. Miller
Publisher : Greenwood Publishing Group
Number of pages : 214 pages
This extraordinary work traces the role of the Discovery Doctrine in Lewis & Clark's expedition (authorized by Thomas Jefferson) to secure the Midwest and the Pacific Northwest for the United States
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Native America, Discovered and Conquered

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ISBN : 0803215983
Author : Robert J. Miller
Publisher : U of Nebraska Press
Number of pages : 216 pages
Takes a fresh look at American history through the lens of the Doctrine of Discovery-- the legal basis that Europeans and Americans used to lay claim to the land of
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Discovering Indigenous Lands

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ISBN : 0191627631
Author : Robert J. Miller,Jacinta Ruru,Larissa Behrendt,Tracey Lindberg
Publisher : OUP Oxford
Number of pages : 320 pages
This book presents new material and shines fresh light on the under-explored historical and legal evidence about the use of the doctrine of discovery in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and
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Conquest by Law

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ISBN : 0199881995
Author : Lindsay G. Robertson
Publisher : Oxford University Press
Number of pages : 272 pages
In 1823, Chief Justice John Marshall handed down a Supreme Court decision of monumental importance in defining the rights of indigenous peoples throughout the English-speaking world. At the heart of the
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Pagans in the Promised Land

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ISBN : 9781555916428
Author : Steven T. Newcomb
Publisher : Fulcrum Publishing
Number of pages : 186 pages
An analysis of how religious bias shaped U.S. federal Indian law.
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The Discovery and Conquest of Peru

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ISBN : 9780822321460
Author : Pedro de Cieza de León,Alexandra Parma Cook,Noble David Cook
Publisher : Duke University Press
Number of pages : 501 pages
DIVInitial translation into English of a first-person account of the 16th century conquest of Peru, written by a Spanish soldier and naturalist; Pedro de Cieza de Leon was one of
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Reservation "capitalism"

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ISBN : 1440801118
Author : Robert J. Miller
Publisher : ABC-CLIO
Number of pages : 208 pages
American Indians are the poorest people in the United States, and their reservations are the most poverty-stricken; as a result, they suffer from numerous social pathologies that accompany these economic
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The Mismeasure of Desire

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ISBN : 9780199838981
Author : David E. Stannard
Publisher : Oxford University Press
Number of pages : 416 pages
For four hundred years--from the first Spanish assaults against the Arawak people of Hispaniola in the 1490s to the U.S. Army's massacre of Sioux Indians at Wounded Knee in
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Native American History for Kids

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ISBN : 1613742452
Author : Karen Bush Gibson
Publisher : Chicago Review Press
Number of pages : 144 pages
A chronicle of American indigenous life, this guide captures the history of the complex societies that lived in North America when European explorers first appeared on the continent. Not only
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American Indians, American Justice

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ISBN : 9780292738348
Author : Vine Deloria, Jr.,Clifford M. Lytle
Publisher : University of Texas Press
Number of pages : 262 pages
Looks at how American Indians are using the courts to settle matters relating to self-determination, cultural preservation, lost land, and basic human rights
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