In Peril

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ISBN : 9781592281053
Author : Skip Strong,Twain Braden
Publisher :
Number of pages : 252 pages
There is hidden danger at sea--but more in court.
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ISBN : 0825479959
Author : Jordyn Redwood
Publisher : Kregel Publications
Number of pages : 288 pages
Dr. Thomas Reeves is at the pinnacle of his career. The Department of Defense has awarded him a lucrative contract for his new research into superior autobiographical memory, which promises
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ISBN : 0553582518
Author : Thomas H. Cook
Publisher : Bantam
Number of pages : 312 pages
Tired of living in fear, Sara Labriola, a married woman haunted by a terrible secret, decides to disappear and reinvent herself by establishing a new life, despite the six desperate
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Grave Peril

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ISBN : 9780356500294
Author : Jim Butcher
Publisher : Orbit Books
Number of pages : 359 pages
Meet Harry Dresden, Chicago's first (and only) Wizard P.I. Turns out the 'everyday' world is full of strange and magical things - and most of them don't play well
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Privacy in Peril

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ISBN : 0198042043
Author : James B. Rule
Publisher : Oxford University Press
Number of pages : 256 pages
This probing account of the erosion of privacy in America shows that we are often unwitting, if willing, accomplices, providing personal data in exchange for security or convenience. The author
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American Culture in Peril

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ISBN : 0813136024
Author : Charles W. Dunn
Publisher : University Press of Kentucky
Number of pages : 166 pages
Thirty years ago, Ronald Reagan rode a wave of patriotism to the White House by calling for a return to what he considered to be traditional American values--personal liberty, free
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ISBN : 9780199741656
Author : Mark Freeman
Publisher : Oxford University Press
Number of pages : 264 pages
Although the idea of hindsight is frequently associated with the biases, distortions, and outright lies of memory--as in the infamous "20-20" scenario or the conviction that one "knew it all
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Union in Peril

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ISBN : 9780803275973
Author : Howard Jones
Publisher : U of Nebraska Press
Number of pages : 300 pages
The Lincoln administration feared that Great Britain would officially recognize the Confederacy during the Civil War, thereby granting legitimacy to secession and undermining the U.S. Constitution. What did happen,
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Birds in Peril

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ISBN : 9780525030355
Author : John P. S. Mackenzie
Publisher : Dutton Adult
Number of pages : 192 pages
Bird of United States and Canada.
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Journalists in Peril

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ISBN : 9781412826983
Author : Nancy J. Woodhull,Robert W. Snyder
Publisher : Transaction Publishers
Number of pages : 178 pages
Threats to journalists carry many different lessons, but one is constant: People who would intimidate or kill journalists are usually terrified that someone might find out. Journalists who want to
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