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ISBN : 9781414324234
Author : Jerry B. Jenkins
Publisher : Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.
Number of pages : 320 pages
After God intervenes with a miracle of global proportions, the tide is turned on international atheism and the National Peace Organization (NPO). The underground church has grown to the extent
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Shadowed (Sins of the Past Collection)

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ISBN : 1441229949
Author : Dani Pettrey
Publisher : Baker Books
Number of pages : 128 pages
In this prequel to the Alaskan Courage novels, the parents of the McKenna clan get an adventure of their own! Romance and danger collide as they investigate the death of
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ISBN : 9781902902166
Author : Victor Burgin,Anthony Vidler,Architectural Association (Great Britain)
Publisher : AA Publishing
Number of pages : 184 pages
Victor Burgin has made remarkable contributions as an artist and cultural theorist for more than three decades. His writings on general issues such as photographic, psychoanalytic and cultural theory are
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Shadowed Dreams

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ISBN : 0813538866
Author : Maureen Honey
Publisher : Rutgers University Press
Number of pages : 297 pages
The first edition of Shadowed Dreams was a groundbreaking anthology that brought to light the contributions of women poets to the Harlem Renaissance. This revised and expanded version contains twice
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ISBN : 9780553494402
Author : Elizabeth Skurnick,Lizzie Skurnick
Publisher : Bantam Books
Number of pages : 192 pages
Looking forward to her sophomore year at college, SD-6 agent Sydney Bristow is sent to Berlin to obtain classified KGB research, but someone else seems to be working the same
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ISBN : 1629980064
Author : Kariss Lynch
Publisher : Charisma Media
Number of pages : 304 pages
"Can Nick and Kaylan keep fighting together when all else seems hopeless? Nick and Kaylan return in Shadowed as Nick faces the demons of his past on a mission to
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ISBN : 1601831528
Author : Rebecca Zanetti
Publisher : eKensington
Number of pages : 289 pages
Danger signs rise off Jase Kayrs like steam—the scars, the secrets, the strength. He's got a mission, and he's not interested in much outside of it. Except Brenna Dunne.
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Shadowed Ground

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ISBN : 9780292705258
Author : Kenneth E. Foote
Publisher : University of Texas Press
Number of pages : 398 pages
Shadowed Ground explores how and why Americans have memorialized—or not—the sites of tragic and violent events spanning three centuries of history and every region of the country. For
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Shadowed Love

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ISBN : 1554870291
Author : Martine Jardin
Publisher : Devine Destinies
Number of pages : 329 pages
Second Issue. First issue published in 1998 by Picasso Publications. This issue has been extensively edited and revised. Set in the early sixties, this book is partially based on true life
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Shadowed Legacy

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ISBN : 0557247381
Author : E. R. BRYANT
Publisher :
Number of pages : 393 pages
Andrew returns to his home upon the death of his father only to find that his father was even worse than he'd ever imagined. Evil was firmly entrenched in his
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