The Cost of Commitment

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ISBN : 0830834044
Author : John White,Don Everts
Publisher : InterVarsity Press
Number of pages : 172 pages
Following Christ, says John White, is not cheap. The cost is substantial. There will be suffering and loss. But the benefits, rewards and joys that come with our commitment to
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The Cost of Commitment

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ISBN : 9781933113029
Author : Lynn Ames
Publisher : Intaglio Publications
Number of pages : 296 pages
Kate and Jay want nothing more than to focus on their love. But as Kate settles into a new profession, she and Jay are caught up in the middle of
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The cost of commitment

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ISBN : 9780877844860
Author : John White
Publisher : Intervarsity Pr
Number of pages : 89 pages
Following Jesus says John White is not cheap The cost is substantial But the benefits rewards and joys that come with our commitment to him are well worth it Here
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The Cost of Discipleship

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ISBN : 0334053404
Author : Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Publisher : SCM Press
Number of pages : 288 pages
The Cost of Discipleship is one of the bestselling titles on the SCM Classics list and one of the classics of modern theology. Perhaps Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s most radical book,
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Traumatic Grief

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ISBN : 9780876309865
Author : Selby Jacobs
Publisher : Psychology Press
Number of pages : 112 pages
The loss of an intimate exposes the afflicted person to a higher risk for several types of psychiatric disorders. In addition to potential complications, including Major Depression, anxiety disorders, and
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Strategies of Commitment and Other Essays

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ISBN : 9780674025677
Author : Thomas C. Schelling
Publisher : Harvard University Press
Number of pages : 341 pages
All of the essays in this new collection by Thomas Schelling convey his unique perspective on individuals and society. Schelling, a 2005 Nobel Prize winner, has been one of the four
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Monitoring and Commitment in Bank Lending Behavior

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ISBN : 145190777X
Author : Mr. Rodolphe Blavy
Publisher : International Monetary Fund
Number of pages : 34 pages
The paper proposes a theoretical argument on the nature of bank lending, based on the idea that, through commitment and monitoring, banks overcome basic informational asymmetries with borrowers. By bringing
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ISBN : 1439106177
Author : Pankaj Ghemawat
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
Number of pages : 192 pages
To create a competitive advantage, a company must commit itself to developing a set of capabilities superior to its competitors; But such commitments tend to be costly and hard to
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On the Edge of Commitment

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ISBN : 9780804744195
Author : Stephen Lawrence Morgan
Publisher : Stanford University Press
Number of pages : 241 pages
This book offers a new model of educational achievement to explain why some students are committed to preparation for college.
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ISBN : 9780830820054
Author : Robert Boyd Munger
Publisher : InterVarsity Press
Number of pages : 58 pages
These six studies on the subject of committment are based on Robert Munger's My Heart--Christ's Home. The study guide is part of a series, Christian Basics, drawing on material from
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