The Novel in Antiquity

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ISBN : 9780520076389
Author : Tomas Hägg
Publisher : Univ of California Press
Number of pages : 264 pages
"This much needed book is superlatively well done; it is both very readable and thoroughly scholarly, sympathetic to its topic, critical in approach, and authoritative."--B. P. Reardon, editor of
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Dreams and Suicides

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ISBN : 1135086435
Author : Suzanne Macalister
Publisher : Routledge
Number of pages : 248 pages
This study discusses the Greek novel through the ages, from the genre's flowering in late Antiquity to its learned revival in twelfth-century Byzantium. Its unique feature is its full coverage
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The Art of Biography in Antiquity

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ISBN : 110701669X
Author : Tomas Hägg
Publisher : Cambridge University Press
Number of pages : 496 pages
Examines the whole spectrum of Greek and Roman biography, which explores the virtues and vices of philosophers, statesmen and poets.
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ISBN : 0595303269
Author : Michael Honea
Publisher : iUniverse
Number of pages : 204 pages
Eddie Galloway and his crew of seismologists are looking for oil in the western desert of Egypt, but they find more than ancient hydrocarbons. The further Eddie digs into the
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ISBN : 1848851588
Author : Denise Eileen McCoskey
Publisher : I.B.Tauris
Number of pages : 250 pages
How do different cultures think about race? In the modern era, racial distinctiveness has been assessed primarily in terms of a person's physical appearance. But it was not always so.
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After Antiquity

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ISBN : 9780801433016
Author : Margaret Alexiou
Publisher : Cornell University Press
Number of pages : 567 pages
With the publication of Ritual Lament in Greek Tradition, widely considered a classic in Modern Greek studies and in collateral fields, Margaret Alexiou established herself as a major intellectual innovator
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The Cambridge Companion to the Greek and Roman Novel

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ISBN : 1139827979
Author : Tim Whitmarsh
Publisher : Cambridge University Press
Number of pages : 329 pages
The Greek and Roman novels of Petronius, Apuleius, Longus, Heliodorus and others have been cherished for millennia, but never more so than now. The Cambridge Companion to the Greek and
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Greek Biography and Panegyric in Late Antiquity

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ISBN : 0520223888
Author : Tomas Hägg,Philip Rousseau,Christian Høgel
Publisher : Univ of California Press
Number of pages : 288 pages
How classical narrative models were adapted as early Christian culture took shape and developed.
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Fielding's Tom Jones and the European novel since antiquity

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Author : Reinhold Grimm
Publisher : Peter Lang Publishing
Number of pages : 134 pages
It is a common misunderstanding to situate the origin of the novel in early 18th-century English literature. For precisely the most accomplished and important representative thereof, Henry Fielding (1707-1754) with
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Blacks in Antiquity

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ISBN : 9780674076266
Author : Frank M. Snowden
Publisher : Harvard University Press
Number of pages : 364 pages
The Africans who came to ancient Greece and Italy participated in an important chapter of classical history. Although evidence indicated that the alien dark- and black-skinned people were of varied
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