When We Were Perfect

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ISBN : 9780982891810
Author : Dayle Herstik
Publisher :
Number of pages : 70 pages
Dayle Herstick's poems are photographs of moments in a life. They are about happiness and laughter, sorrow and fear, and the growth of a family. "Over time one's viewpoint changes.
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When We Were Perfect

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ISBN : 1611603994
Author : Emily Duvall
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
Number of pages : 344 pages
Brooke Wentworth, the reserved, hard-working owner of a bakery, stumbled into her fairytale future—directly into the arms of Jonathan Burke, a handsome millionaire and heir to his family's chain
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When We Were Saints

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ISBN : 0152163719
Author : Han Nolan
Publisher : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Number of pages : 291 pages
Inspired by his grandfather's last words and guided by Clare Simmons, a girl who believes they are saints, fourteen-year-old Archie Caswell sets out on a spiritual quest that takes him
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When We Were Free to Be

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ISBN : 0807837555
Author : Lori Rotskoff,Laura L. Lovett
Publisher : UNC Press Books
Number of pages : 344 pages
If you grew up in the era of mood rings and lava lamps, you probably remember Free to Be . . . You and Me--the groundbreaking children's record, book, and television special that
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Attracting Perfect Customers

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ISBN : 9781576751244
Author : Stacey Hall,Jan Brogniez
Publisher : Berrett-Koehler Publishers
Number of pages : 204 pages
Most businesses spend far too much of their time and energy struggling to get new customers or hang on to existing ones-even customers who are ultimately more trouble than they're
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Perfect Company

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ISBN : 1452508011
Author : Gloria Divine
Publisher : BalboaPress
Number of pages : 712 pages
Gloria’s life was threatened many times by evildoers but Jesus was always there. She experienced many spiritual and physical difficulties with the production of this book but with the
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Project Perfect

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Author : Ajay Kamath
Publisher : Ajay Kamath
Number of pages : 16 pages
This is the story of a young man going through his first project experience in the IT industry. I have kept it as simple as I could so that anyone
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The Perfect Christmas

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ISBN : 0595396801
Author : Eliot Stafford
Publisher : iUniverse
Number of pages : 160 pages
In her final year at home before college, Katie Hirashima, P.K. (Pastor's Kid, for the uninitiated ), has resolved to enjoy the perfect Christmas with her family-a Christmas full of
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A Perfect Picture of Hell

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ISBN : 1587293277
Author : Ted Genoways,Hugh H Genoways
Publisher : University of Iowa Press
Number of pages : 355 pages
From the shooting of an unarmed prisoner at Montgomery, Alabama, to a successful escape from Belle Isle, from the swelling floodwaters overtaking Cahaba Prison to the inferno that finally engulfed
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The Perfect Game

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ISBN : 1468938665
Author : Travis Waker
Publisher : Booktango
Number of pages : 329 pages
Daniel Willis has always wanted to manage in the MLB but can't because of the physical disability that holds him back. However, when God comes down to Earth, He offers
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